Tuesday, 9 January 2018

What to look for in a professional wedding

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Weddings are occasions that remain in the memory for a very long time. Funny tales that occurred at weddings will be told for many years after the event, mostly very positive. One of the most memorable parts of such a day is the disco or after ceremony party. Many people focus their attention on the main ceremony, whilst forgetting to lavish due attention on this party. In this article, we'll be examining one of the most important aspects of this party, the wedding DJ.

Good music, music that everyone can enjoy and dance to is essential for any wedding party to be a success. In order for a DJ to be able to provide a good service they should offer exceptional professionalism in the following 4 ways:


Good wedding DJs should have access to a vast range of different music. This music collection should be of such a breadth that it pleases young and old alike, and of course everyone in between. While decades ago it would have been a vinyl collection being lugged around by the wedding DJ, today, they may well bring his music on CDs, or more likely, digital storage facility. Grandparents should be able to ask for their favorite hits of yesteryear, and younger people should be able to dance along to the latest chart hits.

DJ Experience

In order that a wedding DJ can provide the guests with the experience they want at a given wedding party they should have adequate experience. If they do, they will know how the whole event works and they will know when to announce things.
Sound and Lighting
A good wedding DJ would ideally have their own lighting and sound equipment. You should ask them about the quality of the sound set up, as you want to ensure everyone will hear the music, especially if the venue is particularly large. You should do some research first and ask as many questions as you need to.


You should above all ensure that your wedding DJ is reliable. You should find out if they have a backup DJ in case of illness; imagine not having a DJ for the most special day of your life. A little preparation can help ensure you have a wedding that is perfect in every possible way. Find out how many weddings the DJ has done and if possible ask previous clients what the DJ was like.

4 pro tips from a wedding DJ

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When initially meeting with your potential DJ, what should you expect? Being the first time you've probably hired a DJ, this can be a little confusing for brides-to-be. Hopefully, this article will make your life a little easier and help you select the right DJ for your event. This article won't contain EVERY questionable detail, such as "do you carry insurance," but will focus on the DJ him/herself.
4 important Tips/Questions!

1. Meet with the DJ! You don't want a total stranger showing up for your event. You might not think the DJ is a good fit or is even laughable (sorry to say!). So getting stuck with a company that makes you book first and meet the DJ later is 100% unacceptable. With today's technology, skyping or at the very least phone conferencing can help you decide if your DJ is a likable character and a good fit for you!

2. Does Your DJ Mix? Is this important to you?? A great DJ should be able to mix. Yes, I've met some that don't mix, but can still "slam mix." By mixing music together, you can have a seamless set of 5-10 songs that will flow and not disrupt a dancefloor. Some mixing might even be creative enough to have your guests "oohing and ahhing" on the dancefloor. Mash-ups have become more popular and a DJ that can do this "live" will definitely give your guests a different taste in music. Some DJs "slam mix" this is going from one song to another very quickly by "slamming" the fader from one track to the next. Typically on the first beat of an 8-count. (Hope you followed that) It can be done well but is usually annoying after awhile.Mixing may not even be important to you and you might just want a DJ that can play songs and speak well into the mic.

3. How much experience does your DJ have? Some companies hire from within and send DJs out after only 6 months of "shadowing" a DJ. To find a well-rounded DJ, it's my opinion you should go with someone that started young because it was their passion! This experience will show when your guests are on the dance floor. They'll be able to seamlessly choose music that the crowd will react positively to. It's my belief they should have at least 5 years experience.

4. What's your DJs favorite genre of music?? Do you really want a DJ that specializes in only club music showing up for your event with family and older generations? Unfortunately, this is the mistake some people make when hiring "friends." Trust me when I say your parents will be "ticked." On the flip side, do you want a DJ that is into the country only showing up for your "club-like wedding." It's important to question your DJ about their interest in music as well! You want a DJ that enjoys playing not only their favorites but your guest's choices as well.
CT Entertainment understands the needs of our clients. We would love to hear your visions for the big day and help you make the right decision regarding your choice in DJ. With our experience, we will make sure your guests are in for a great time at your wedding.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

6 Reasons to Book Your DJ Well in Advance

Why should you book in advance?

First off let me say this counts for not only the DJ but any other service provider at a wedding.

Here is our top 6 list of why picking your DJ in advance is a good idea:

1.         The simple short answer is the best ones get booked first.

But there is more to it

2.         Some DJs give a better price for booking a set time before hand.
       Shop around and ask as many question as needed, google is your friend.

3.         You get peace of mind knowing your music entertainment is sorted.
This is self explanatory, the only thing you should worry about the week before the big day is what drinks you will order on the night. All else should be done and dusted.

4.         If you do decide to not use the DJ you have time to look for a new one.
This would be worst case scenario but rather have the option to change the DJ than not have one or have the one you don’t want. Of course you should do your homework first but should you decide to change you want enough time to do so. This goes with the next point.

5.         You can keep an eye on the events your DJ does
Any decent DJ/company should post there work on social media, this shows clients what work you do and ads to the credibility of the company. Here is our Facebook Page.

6.         You can better understand the DJ
Any relationship is built over time, it is no different with DJs, if you communicate effectively and meet up early you know who you work with.

So when should you book your DJ?

A good rule of thumb is to do it when you confirm your venue. 6 months to a year is ample.

But more importantly choose someone you are comfortable with and insist on meeting with the person who will be present at your wedding.

Mauritz Croukamp