Wednesday, 9 November 2016

6 Reasons to Book Your DJ Well in Advance

Why should you book in advance?

First off let me say this counts for not only the DJ but any other service provider at a wedding.

Here is our top 6 list of why picking your DJ in advance is a good idea:

1.         The simple short answer is the best ones get booked first.

But there is more to it

2.         Some DJs give a better price for booking a set time before hand.
       Shop around and ask as many question as needed, google is your friend.

3.         You get peace of mind knowing your music entertainment is sorted.
This is self explanatory, the only thing you should worry about the week before the big day is what drinks you will order on the night. All else should be done and dusted.

4.         If you do decide to not use the DJ you have time to look for a new one.
This would be worst case scenario but rather have the option to change the DJ than not have one or have the one you don’t want. Of course you should do your homework first but should you decide to change you want enough time to do so. This goes with the next point.

5.         You can keep an eye on the events your DJ does
Any decent DJ/company should post there work on social media, this shows clients what work you do and ads to the credibility of the company. Here is our Facebook Page.

6.         You can better understand the DJ
Any relationship is built over time, it is no different with DJs, if you communicate effectively and meet up early you know who you work with.

So when should you book your DJ?

A good rule of thumb is to do it when you confirm your venue. 6 months to a year is ample.

But more importantly choose someone you are comfortable with and insist on meeting with the person who will be present at your wedding.

Mauritz Croukamp

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